Pittsburgh Penguins

Cuban to buy the Penguins?

Imagine it… Mark Cuban strolling out onto the ice in game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals and applauding the Calgary Flames as his Penguins have blown a 2-0 lead in the series… OK, that’s just rubbing salt in the wound. But imagine Mark Cuban as a hockey owner. It would do wonders for the sport.

The NFL has Al Davis. Baseball has George Steinbrennar. Who is currently the highest profile owner in the NHL? Ted Leonsis? He’s hip enough to have his own blog and talk to sports bloggers but he isn’t a household name. Marc Cuban would raise the ante tremendously. Hockey needs an owner like Cuban. And whatever charity the NHL fines go to would benefit as well.

If Cuban (with Dan Marino and a NY financier) can pull off this deal, he’ll be living the dream of many a sports fan. He’s a Pittsburgh native that gets to buy his hometown team. Of course the Steelers will never be for sale but he can do with the Pirates and the Penguins. On second thought, maybe that’s not such a good idea.

[MSNBC]: Cuban, Marino teaming up to buy Penguins