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All the NFL Power Rankings you need: Madden style

People (ok.. we) have been known to use Madden to simulate games for predictive/gambling purposes. It never really works but it’s kind of fun to do anyway. Well, the folks at Tecmo Blog have taken things waaaaaay too far and ranked all 32 teams according to their Madden 07 ratings for players.

You can read their methodology and comments here but here is the quick list. This list does bring up the question of how good can Madden rankings be if they have the Titans ranked above the Patriots and the Eagles? Also, is it acceptable to play with a team other than your own just because your team sucks in Madden? We say no.

Madden 07 Team Rankings
1. Steelers
2. Seahawks
3. Colts
4. Giants
5. Chiefs
6. Chargers
7. Falcons
8. Panthers
9. Bengals
10. Cardinals
11. Redskins
12. Dolphins
13. Broncos
14. Titans
15. Patriots
16. Eagles
17. Saints
18. Packers
19. Rams
20. Cowboys
21. Raiders
22. Ravens
23. Texans
24. Buccaneers
25. Bears
26. Jaguars
27. Vikings
28. Browns
29. Bills
30. Jets
31. Lions
32. 49ers