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"That call stunk worse than my shoe or my sweaty armpit!! Here, smell! See, told ya!"

Easily the most entertaining minor league manager blow-up since that guy starting doing the belly crawl and tossing imaginary grenades at the umpire.

How about this for a curveball? Switch hitter vs. switch pitcher

The old saying goes, baseball is about 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical. However, we kinda think the adage came around before the sport’s introduction to steroids, but we’re going to take it at face value for argument’s sake. So, in that case, this must be one of the most monumental mind game moments […]

Minor league baseball team holds raffle for free funeral

We’ve heard of some pretty zany giveaways at minor league baseball games with the most recent coming in the form of a Larry Craig bathroom stall bobblefoot doll. However, Craig’s tapping toes can’t hold a candle to the Lake County Captains latest freebie. The Lake County Captains in conjunction with Monreal Funeral Home of Eastlake […]

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