New Jersey Nets

Jay-Z hopes to be the Nets lucky charm at the Draft Lottery

The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight which means some pathetic franchise could change its fortune for years to come. As things stand, Miami (.250 chance) has best shot at grabbing the top overall pick in the upcoming draft which holds collegiate gems such as Michael Beasley, Derrick Rose and O.J. Mayo. Statistically speaking, Seattle (.199) is a close second with Minnesota (.138) and Memphis (.137) running just behind. Of course, no odds or percentages are going to keep the New Jersey Nets (.011) from busting out their big guns tonight.

Jay-Z needs to win the Lottery, but not for the same reasons most people do.

The self-proclaimed Michael Jordan of rap is set to represent the New Jersey Nets, the basketball team he partially owns, at the National Basketball Association Draft Lottery tomorrow at the NBA Entertainment studios in Secaucus, NJ. Jay will be one of fourteen team reps to sit on stage while NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver, announces the winning order of teams participating in the draft lottery.

This year, the Nets have a 1.1 percent chance of gaining the first pick of the draft and less than a four percent chance of choosing one of the top three selections. Calculations based on their 2007-2008 season record predict that the Nets will most likely have the 10th pick in the draft (if they don’t get a top three spot).

Jay said in a statement that his participation in the draft lottery is “very exciting” and that he hopes his nickname `Lucky Lefty’ “holds up.”

Luck is good to have, but sometimes it is completely unnecessary in the NBA’s Draft Lottery. Isn’t that right, David DeBusschere?


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