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Utah hates Ric Bucher more than the Rockets at the moment

Utah hates Ric Bucher more than the Rockets at the moment You might as well just call ’em butter because ESPN is on a roll. Not only are they calling out baseball players on their age, they are also calling out Mormons for being too happy. ESPN is apologizing for some anti-Mormon remarks directed at […]

Miguel Tejada gets two years older in one day

Miguel Tejada came clean on Wednesday and admitted to pulling a Danny Almonte. Turns out that Tejada lied to Oakland when he first entered the league, but after arriving in Houston where they wanted all his information, he decided that he didn’t “want to lie to them.” Oh, and ESPN totally busted him. “I’m a […]

Women’s pool just got dirtier and smellier

We’ll admit it, we’re not the biggest fans of women’s pool. However, we are willing to give it a shot if every match has as many bloopers as this one. The announcer lady brings her “A-game” to the pool table for this contest, showing off her amazing penis drawing abilities and immediately following it up […]

Pull out your hankies, it’s fantasy baseball time at ESPN

We know that the NBA is “where amazing happens,” but we’re just now finding out that ESPN fantasy baseball is, well, it’s apparently where estrogen and hormones happens. Not enough drama for ya? Well, go grab a box of Bon Bons, put on your Tweety Bird slippers and crawl under a nice, warm quilt because […]

Bob Knight falls asleep at the idea of going back to Indiana

Last night, amidst all the Bracetology talk on ESPN‘s family of networks, Dick Vitale unveiled his blueprint to “dominate college basketball.” And frankly, it all seemed to bewilder/bore Bob Knight.

Odds and Ends: AAFL – All-Around Failure League

Believe it or not, but yet another football league has gone under. Well, that’s not exactly true because the All American Football League isn’t giving up just yet. The AAFL is being forced to postpone its 2008 opening season until 2009 due to a lack of financial funding. The league’s chief executive officer, Marcus Katz, […]

Will Ferrell stops by ESPN to chat with some guy we’ve never seen before

Will Ferrell is a very revealing guy and we’re not just talking about his the tiny short shorts he wears in his new flick Semi-Pro. For instance, did you know he has some sick post moves, he sweats a lot and Glenn “Big Baby” Davis patterns his game after Mr. Ferrell? See, you actually can […]

ESPN slips deeper into the toilet

We know that ESPN has a ton of time to kill every week, so we can understand all the greatest highlight gimmicks and even the contest to determine the hottest athletes, but we have no idea what Bullseye Ball is. Nor do we want to after seeing who its champion is. On second thought, it […]

The dark side of Chris Berman

Outside of John Madden, Chris Berman has the most recognizable face and voice in all of NFL television coverage. He’s been a staple of ESPN for decades now and his “whaaaap” and car crash sound effects are things of legend. Of course, he’s also one of the most annoying men to ever strap on a […]

Tom Brady broke Marsha’s nose?! Are you friggin’ kidding us!

Usually you have to be a fallen star in order to wind up on E!‘s True Hollywood Story series, but the same doesn’t hold true for the fellas at ESPN. Since Brett Favre is out of the playoff picture, the SportsCenter crew is clamoring for crap to fill in the now empty, humongous gaps of […]

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