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College football’s second-oldest rivalry finally got interesting

If you told someone that Kansas would be sitting in the No. 2 spot of the BCS standings in the wanning weeks of the season prior to the initial kickoff, then you’d probably be locked inside Shady Acres right now. Well, it’s a fact, Jack, and with Missouri sitting just behind them at numero cuatro, […]

Honestly Joe, we don’t even remember your apology

A pretty embarrassing situation went down in the Mountain West Conference over the weekend. Wyoming head ball coach Joe Glenn, who guaranteed victory earlier in the week, got a wee frustrated after Utah tried to run up the score by attempting an onside kick while winning 43-0. But he didn’t throw his clipboard or let […]

Macho Harris’ crib gets the Swiss cheese makeover

Virginia Tech’s Victor Harris, better known to pigskin junkies as “Macho”, was involved in a shooting early Sunday morning. Well, at least his apartment was. Nobody was injured during the hail of gunfire and police who responded at 3:49 a.m. are still trying to put together the pieces of what exactly happened. But we do […]

Hey, Tim Tebow, is your refrigerator running?

Remember when Tim Tebow made that “I’ll call you” gesture after a touchdown during the first quarter of the Florida/LSU game on Saturday? Well, turns out he wasn’t trying to pick up a Louisianan cutie; he was actually trying to needle the Tiger fans who prank called him hundreds of times leading up to the […]

Mike Leach break his arm while bicycling…wait, bicycling??

We always took Leach as a scooter guy for some reason. Oddly enough our oddball injury of the day goes to one of college football’s biggest oddities, Texas Tech coach Mike Leach. We’d like to say that it involves a pirate ship, a parrot and a plank, but that would just be wishful thinking. Leach […]

Reading a college football schedule just got easier, if that’s even possible

If this is too confusing then we can dumb it downfor ya. Men are a visual species who typically want everything to be relayed to them in the most basic, cavemanesque methods possible. The last thing any real man wants to do is read, right? Words have their place and all, but if we can […]

Chris Rix can’t handle the truth

So I went out and got absolutely shitfaced last night. Desperately looking for an outlet to waste time while I’m sitting at work, I was flipping through random blogs. Basically, I was just hoping to find something that can carry me for a half hour. After reading that David Beckham had a successful MLS debut […]

The Biggest Damn Dork In The Land

College football is just around the corner and everyone is beginning to wear their team colors proudly in anticipation of the upcoming season. But you’ve got your normal fans and then you’ve got your SUPER fans whose life’s mission is to honor their chosen university. Shawn Swick is one of those SUPER fan kinda guys. […]

Dear PETA, leave our sports alone

Nothing sucks harder and more frequently than PETA. It’s fine when they throw red paint on vapid celebrities and going after people who train dogs for fights, but when they start trying to tell sports teams what to do, that’s when they need to be clubbed like a baby seal. (What’d I say?) Their latest […]

Odds and Ends: Six Penn State Football players charged with felonies

Anthony Scirrotto leads the charge Six Nittany Lions football players were formally charged this afternoon for an off-campus brawl that happened only April 1st. All six players were charged with felonies but Anthony Scirrotto and Chris Baker are facing the more serious charges of burglary and simple assault. The other four players (Justin King, Jerome […]

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