Pair of Brazilian soccer clubs just can’t leave it on the field

Say what you want to about the great American sports rivalries, but if you want to see some real animosity then look no further than soccer outside of the States. As if there is soccer inside the States.

A pair of Brazilian teams (Atletico Paranaense and Gremio if you’re keeping score) brawled like Peter and the chicken all over town after an Atletico Paranaense player was attacked kung-fu style during a post-gamematch interview.

See what we mean? Have you ever seen Peyton Manning deliver a flying dropkick to Tom Brady’s kisser?

The rivalry between the two clubs began earlier this season when Paranaense forward Alex Mineiro was injured in a clash with Gremio midfielder Tcheco.

Tcheco was sent off in Wednesday’s match for persistent dissent and both clubs said that as he left the field he clashed with Petraglia.

After the game, Paranaense midfielder Claiton said he was attacked from behind by a Gremio player who lunged at him with a karate-style kick as he was giving a media interview.

Claiton said he went to a police station to file a complaint.

Gremio accused Paranaense of being bad hosts at the end of the match.

“We were badly received here,” said Cesar Pacheco, another member of the Gremio delegation. “They spent the week threatening us.

“This can’t happen in football.”

Now, we know that some of this soccer stuff is tough to believe but, thanks to The Offside, we’ve got the video to prove it. *”no need to watch after the 1:00 minute mark if you don’t speak Portuguese”

End of story, right? Wrong. On Thursday, the two clubs just conveniently happened to bump into each other at the airport and, well, you know where this is going.

The two clubs blamed each other for the fracas at the Afonso Pena airport in Curitiba as they resumed hostilities after Paranaense’s 2-0 win in a Brazilian championship match the previous evening.

Paranaense director Mario Cesar Petraglia said he was waiting for a flight to Sao Paulo when he was set upon by the Gremio delegation.

“I was reading my newspaper when they went for me, with physical and moral offences,” Petraglia told his club’s Web site (

Gremio, who were heading home to Porto Alegre, said Petraglia was with security men who joined in the fight.

“(Vice president of football Paulo) Pelaipe is with the airport police filing a complaint,” Gremio director Alfredo Oliveira told Radio Bandeirnates.

“He lost a tooth and his face has swollen up.”

Thank goodness here in the fity states, we don’t have to worry about that level of immaturity and poor sportsmanship from our athletes.


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