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Bill Belichick does his best Santa Scrooge impression

The Patriots are on the verge of immortality. With a win over the Giants on Saturday night, they can brush aside those annoying, geriatric Dolphins from yesteryear, becoming the only team to go a perfect 16-0 in the regular season. Sounds like a pretty good Christmas gift to us. Bill Belichick, on the other hand, […]

No one compares to the Pats for Pat Noone, not even Mrs. Noone

We all love to say that we’re our favorite team’s No. 1 fan. Some of us could even make a legitimate case to receive such an award. But in the end, we all pale in comparison to the one, the only, the undeniable king of extreme, New England Patriots superfan Pat Noone. Consider this: For […]

50 Cent ain’t got jack on Mercury Morris

You might not like the Patriots; hell, you might hate the Patriots. Hell, we hate the Patriots (that damn Tom Brady and his stunning good looks). But you have to be rooting for an undefeated season and clean sweep of the playoffs; even if it’s for no other reason than to simply shut Mercury Morris […]

Rumor has it Gordon Ramsey is looking to hire Bill Belichick

Did you know that Bill Belichick’s “culinary skills are legendary throughout the NFL”? We didn’t think so. In fact, the only person who seems to be blown away by Belichick’s recipes for BBPBJs is this loser Mike Veneman. What a friggin’ brown-noser. Geez, a guy who loves to sport hoboesque looking sweatshirts has a fancy […]

Tom Brady might have to beat down Leo DiCaprio for moving in on his woman

Leonardo DiCaprio could have any girl he wants, but it seems that he wants the one that got away. Apparently Leo is regretting having ever let the stunning Gisele Bundchen out of his grasp and, frankly, we can’t blame him. Problem is, as everyone knows, Gisele is currently dating the soon-to-be NFL MVP Tom Brady. […]

Even Roger Goodell bows down to the great Bill Belichick

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who thinks that NFL commish Roger Goodell just got soft. After Bill Belichick intentionally broke the rules during the very first week of the season, Goodell decided to dish out measly fines of $500,000 to Belichick, $250,000 to the Patriots and took away the team’s first-round draft pick […]

Who’s your daddy? Why, it’s Tom Brady!

Life can’t get much better fro Tom Brady right now. He was just named the world’s best dresser, the Pats have finally assembled a quality receiving core around him, and he’s got a handful of Super Bowl rings. Oh, yea, he’s also dating the smokin’ hot supermodel Gisele Bundchen. In addition, drooling babes from all […]

Tom Brady is Tom Brady’s biggest fan

The NFL season is just about to get underway and for all the dudes out there that means Sundays full of beers and barbeque and Monday Night Football/poker night at your buddy’s pad. But for the ladies, the kickoff to the NFL season has a whole other significance: its Tom Brady time! Rickey Henderson and […]

Someone is going directly to hell

Marquise Hill, the New England Patriots lineman who died in a jet ski accident last month was laid to rest on Saturday. On top of having to mourn her son, Hill’s mother Sherry came home from the funeral to find that $16,000 worth of stuff was stolen from her home. The burglars took a laptop […]

Keep your wives and free agents away from Bill Belichick

After our failed attempt to track down Bill Belichick’s latest lady, we’re going to leave it up to the experts. The Inside Track girls are the Boston Herald have tracked down the real Linda Holliday that was spotted with Bill Belichick at the Final Four. Linda Holliday, the mother of two preteen girls, is the […]

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