Philadelphia Phillies

Odds and Ends: Ryan Howard for MVP


Last night, Ryan Howard tied Mike Schmidt atop the Phillies all time Home Run single season list with 48. As people have been prediction for a while, it was an inevitability. There was a time (right around the Bobby Abreu trade) that the only reason to watch the Phillies was Ryan Howard and Chase Utley. Now the Phillies are within 1/2 a game of the wild card and serious consideration needs to be given to Ryan Howard for MVP. More praise for Howard in the blogosphere here and here.

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Philadelphia Phillies

Odds and Ends: Heckling Brett Myers

From The 700 Level comes this photo of a sign at the Phillies game yesterday. It probably isn’t the cleverest sign but we think the woman was trying to make a statement about domestic violence and not just trying to be clever. Go figure.

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Philadelphia Phillies

Odds and Ends (06.23.06): Phillies’ Brett Myers arrested

Throws righty, hits…

Phillies pitcher Brett Myers was arrested early Friday morning for hitting his wife in the face on a street near Fenway after a trip to the bars. According to witnesses, Myers was dragging her by the hair and slapped her in the face when people tried to intervene. They then called the police. Myers was arrested and bailed out by his wife. The bail was $200.

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Philadelphia Phillies

ESPN gets it wrong… again


We try to keep our ESPN bashing to a minimum but today’s Daily Quickie focuses on the reception that Billy Wagner will get upon his return to Philly tonight. The Big 5 today is a list of the most hated athletes in Philly. T.O.? Check. Billy Wagner? Check. Kobe? Check. Tom Brady? What? Tom Brady? Can someone tell Dan Shanoff’s that just because his life revolves around the New England Patriots doesn’t mean everyone else’s does.

Tom Brady doesn’t even register in the top 50 of athletes Philly fans hate. The comment “Everything the city isn’t” is just Dan Shanoff looking down on the city of Philadelphia. So Philly isn’t a winner, good looking, nailing hot actresses? Neither are you, Shanoff.

Here are some suggestions on some other athletes that should’ve made the list:

  • J.D. Drew: refused to play for the Phillies
  • Scott Rolen: left town and called St. Lous “baseball heaven”
  • Brett Favre: too much hype, hasn’t delivered in years
  • Tie Domi: once got into a fight with with a Flyers fan in the penalty box

Philadelphia Phillies

Jimmy Rollins’ streak ends at 38

Big money, big money, no whammies, no whammies… goddammit, double whammy for the Phillies as the Fightins drop 3 straight to start the season and J-Roll goes 0-4 to end his hitting streak at 38, miles away from Joe Dimaggio. We didn’t think Jimmy would get to 56 but we thought he’d make it interesting and get somewhere in the 40s. It was also a welcome respite from the endless steroids stories.

Rollins said all the right things in his post-game conference (“It’s more disappointing that we lost.” ; “I’ve always said I’d trade in the streak for a win. Unfortunately, the streak ended and we lost anyway.”) but you know he was mighty disappointed not to be able to keep chasing the unbreakable baseball record.

Here’s some reaction from around the blogosphere:

[The Sports Pulse]:
“The streak is over and I’m sad to see it end. I was rooting not only for the streak but for Jimmy Rollins who has quietly become on the best shortstops in the game. I can root for a guy who plays hard and want to be the best without coming off as arrogant.”

[Phillies Nation]: “As we’ve seen in the slew of interviews leading up to the season, J-Roll thoroughly enjoys the spotlight and relishes in the pressure to get hits and get on base. However, in this opinion he’s borderline selfish. He should be up there helping out his teammates batting behind him by taking pitches, drawing walks, fouling balls off, and in general tiring the opposing pitcher and exposing his stuff. There’s a slim chance that with the attention off him for a while he’ll start thinking more along these lines, but again, those chances are indeed slim.”

[Peter on All]: “Jimmy Rollins’ streak is over, but sincere congratulations go out to him for a job well done. There will be no controversy that a two season hitting streak is a valid one. For the record, I think that what he accomplished, having a whole off-season between at-bats, is much tougher than a single season mark.”

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