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A-Rod might need a good divorce lawyer

We love that the Yankees have lost 5 in a row, are tied with the Devil Rays for last place and are 14.5 games behind the Red Sox in the AL East yet the biggest story for the NY Post is that A-Rod was caught tooling around Toronto with some busty blonde. According to the […]

Odds and Ends: Yankees fans aren’t delusional at all

ESPN had an interesting poll on how the addition of Roger Clemens affects their postseason chances. A majority of voters (48%) said they’d miss the playoffs while 17% though they will be World Series Champs. What’s interesting is that only in 3 states do a majority of folks feel that the Yankees will be champions […]

What would you sacrifice for a chance to own the Yankees?

Man who would be king Most people we know would do just about anything to own the New York Yankees, or at least a major league baseball franchise. So it doesn’t make sense that Steve Swindal, Steinbrenner’s son-in-law, couldn’t even make a marriage work for his shot at owning the most valuable franchise in baseball. […]

March 12 in Sports History: Birth of the Yankees

In 1903: Fans of the Boston baseball franchise began printing “Huck the Fighlanders” shirts, as the New York Highlanders were officially approved as members of the American League. The rivalry between the two was truly born a month later. According to the book “Emperors and Idiots” by Mike Vaccaro, a Highlanders player named Dave Fultz […]

March 5 in Sports History: Wife Swap — Yankees Edition

  In 1973: At the start of spring training, A-Rod admitted that he and Jeter don’t get along that much anymore. Blah blah yawn. And this is supposed to be some type of “huge distraction” according to the New York Media Hand Wringers Association. They should look up “spring training distraction” in the Yankee dictionary […]

When it comes to nipples, everyone has standards

People say that the world is in a sad decline and standards have gone out the window. May we present the story of Gia Allemand, student by day, engaged to Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano by night. Gia is hot. And when you’re hot and want attention, what do you do? You enter Maxim’s Hometown Hotties […]

Nov 21 in Sports History: There’s where Joltin’ Joe went

In 1934: The New York Yankees officially became a dynasty as they made the seamless transition from aging, hot dog-gorging Babe Ruth to young, starlet-banging Joe Dimaggio by purchasing his contract from the San Francisco Seals of the Pacific Coast League. Dimaggio, who tuned up for his 56-game hitting streak in 1941 with a 61 […]

You can’t cheat death

Just a quick follow up to the Corey Lidle tragedy here. We certainly aren’t making light of it but this is like Final Destination 6 or something: A 68-year-old man who almost accompanied Cory Lidle on his fatal flight in New York City last month died in a plane crash in California on Tuesday. … […]

Why must Derek Jeter ruin Jessica Biel?

If you took a poll of 1000 random men, 995 of them would have Jessica Biel somewhere in their top 5. (Those that don’t are likely… how do you say mens who go bang bang bang in another men’s anus?) In any case, Jessica Biel is definitely a woman we love and the rumors linking […]

Oct 31 in Sports History: Byung-Hyun Kim Part I

In 2001: The Yankees gave a still-grieving New York something to cheer about in Game 4 of the World Series. Trailing in the series two games to one and 3-1 in the bottom of the ninth with two outs, Tino Martinez forced extra innings with a two-run shot off Arizona Diamondbacks’ reliever Byung-Hyun Kim. The […]

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