Philadelphia Eagles

The End of the World as We Know It

Skip Bayless is actually (somewhat) defending T.O.  In his latest column, Brainless says, “I don’t blame Owens for the migraine of a mess the Eagles find themselves in. I blame the Eagles.”  Holy Crap.  This is like saying Comedy Central is responsible for Dave Chappelle going off the deep end.

Bayless contends that the Eagles front office, being a bunch of arrogant jerks, gave all TO the advantage because they refused to trade him or acquire another WR right after his spat with DMac started.  Basically, they thought they could control what no one else could control: TO’s ego.  

“If the Eagles lose without Owens, the fans who have turned on him now will all but riot for the Eagles to bring him back. Oh, does Terrible have the Eagles right where he wants them.”

Meanwhile, I’ve been hearing that the Eagles FO is more than willing to use the “nuclear option” and suspend TO without pay for the rest of season.  And they’re just waiting for a buttoned up, player union proof way to show that he’s violated the “good citizen” clause in his contract.


Man with Worst Boobs in the US wins PGA Championship

When Phil Mickelson shed his choking ways at the 2004 masters, it was big news.  Winning the PGA Championship today wasn’t quite as big, even though he hit a tremendous shot on 18 to win it.  But it’s always a good excuse to point out that he realy needs to do some pushups or something.  He’s trying to give Linda Cohn a run for her money for having the worst boobs in sports.  Come on Phil, you’re not doing much for the perception that golf is for a bunch of out of shape nancy boys.  And of course, there’s always this unfortunate picture.