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Giants’ Super Bowl rings get jacked in Ocean’s Eleven-style job

All, and we mean all, the odds we’re stacked against the New York Giants this past season, but they overcame, shocking the world by defeating the undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl. Well, after all their hard work, some of the fellas don’t even have there championship bling to show for it.

Local police are investigating a robbery in Attleboro, Massachusetts, in which $1 to $2 million in gold and diamond jewelry was stolen over the weekend, including New York Giant Super Bowl rings, designed in conjunction with a consortium of Giants players and high-end jeweler Tiffany & Co.

According to local press reports, the burglars disabled the alarm system at E.A. Dion Inc, cut a hole in the roof and lifted a 1,000-pound safe through the ceiling, fleeing with it. The theft was discovered Sunday when an employee arrived at the store.

Police said there were no suspects and declined to comment further.

The white gold New York Giant Super Bowl rings are set with 1.5 carats of diamonds and designed to be big, seen 10 tables away at a restaurant.

According to reports, it’s the biggest heist in Attleboro’s history and ranks just behind the Memphis heist of Pau Gasol by the Lakers for the country’s largest robbery of 2008.


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