Baltimore Ravens

If Ray Lewis says it was scary, it was scary dammit!

Ray Lewis is usually a pretty scary and intimidating guy, but apparently when he’s not engaging in full-contact collisions with other enormous men, he’s not really all that tough.

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis says it was one of the scariest experiences of his life.

He had to endure an unnerving ride aboard a helicopter during fog and rain Tuesday afternoon. Lewis was on his way back to Baltimore from New York when the fog enveloped the chopper and it became impossible to see.

Lewis says he put on his headphones and started praying. The pilot descended and finally found a safe place to land in a field in Cecil County.

From there, Lewis rode with police Baltimore where he appeared at a Christmas Party for 600 children.

Wait; you almost lost your career and your life to the correctional institutions of America for murder, but a little turbulence has you tucking your head between your legs and kissing your butt goodbye? Not that we wouldn’t be doing the same, it just seems that after a beating a homicide rap and lasting over ten years as a head-hunter in the NFL that he’d just laugh off a little fog. We’re just saying. After all, after O.J. got off, he thought he was damn near invincible.


[]: Tough Linebacker Endures Scary Flight

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