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Apparently tennis humor consists of more than just Novak Djokovic

Tennis is a great game, but as much as we love to see matches that go back and forth for hours on end, we love this kinda stuff even more.

Streakers, Andy Roddick’s antics, Anna K, Andre’s hair; we’d better not hear anyone saying tennis is boring ever again.

One reply on “Apparently tennis humor consists of more than just Novak Djokovic”

Tennis Finally Getting the Respect it Deserves — What Djokovic did is absolutely genius! I mean, people think that tennis all serious and rigid, when in fact it is very fun and exciting! Djokovic brought humor into the game in correlation to bringing in a bigger audience. I have friends who have never seen or played tennis before, who have come up to me and said, “Did you see that tennis guy who does all those imitations, it’s hilarious! Wanna play sometime?” The perception of tennis is changing and it is for the better. Once people realize that tennis is in fact a sport that is more than a ball that is hit back and forth, they will laugh to themselves as well.

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