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Deltha O’Neal’s rottweiler gains one more small measure of revenge for dogs of the world

We all know that America is having a sudden love fest for pit bulls and dogs in general after some athlete, we forget who, got in trouble for running an entire dogfighting operation out of his house. But, like people, some damn dogs are just plain mean. Now, we don’t know if that’s the case with Deltha O’Neal’s rottweiler, but the pooch went nuts this morning and started biting a woman and her 3-year-old kid on their legs and butts at O’Neal’s Cincinnati home.

The Bengals CB wasn’t at home when his dog attacked, but the woman, Jasmie Risco, called the cops around 8:30 and then got disconnected. By the time police responded to the scene, O’Neal had apparently come home and then taken them to the hospital where they were treated.

We don’t know who the lady was or why she was at his house, but we do know that the dog has been quarantined. Sorry, poochie, but this is probably going to mark the end of the road for you we’d guess. It sucks, but don’t worry, it could be worse. You could get drowned, electrocuted, shot in the head, smashed on the ground or be forced to fight to the death with another unlucky soul in order to entertain a wealthy athlete. Instead, you’ll just sit in a cold, hard cage, terrified, for a week or two and then be whisked off by a bunch of people in scrubs to a room where you’ll be put on a metal table and given an injection that makes you really sleepy dead. Then your body will be hauled off and burned in a furnace with all the other strays from the streets of Cincy. See, much better.


[]: Two bitten by dog at O’Neal’s home

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