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Those who can’t play real sports turn to "finger jousting" for excitement

If you thought that ESPN’s coverage of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” was completely ridiculous, just be happy that they didn’t bring you coverage of the World Finger Jousting Federation. We know it sounds completely stupid, but it actually exists and while we could explain the rules of the game to you, frankly, we’d be totally embarrassed to admit that we know `em. So, watch this and figure it out for yourself…if you can stop laughing at these idiots for taking themselves so seriously.

C’mon guys, this is pathetic! What’s next? Are you going to try and tell me that Ultimate Frisbee is a real sport too?!


[Awful Announcing]: Introducing To The Masses…Finger Jousting

6 replies on “Those who can’t play real sports turn to "finger jousting" for excitement”

WFJF — Come now. I’ve been reading some of your other “reports” and honestly you’re like a 3rd rate sports tabloid at best.At least these guys are actually makeing things happen. Anyone can report or make fun of someone, but real men get the job done. Just think about it “smart” guys.

Finger Jousting — Come on columnist! For real, if you think it’s so stupid then why do you spend hours researching it and spend effort writing an article on it. I’m sure you’re quite the authority on sports seeing as the only sports you can play are on the computer,the same place you can talk to your only friends. What do you do in real life? What have you done?

FINGER JOUSTING IS AWESOME — Whoever wrote that paragraph has a lot of nerve for researching a topic just to make fun of it. Have you ever tried finger jousting? Didn’t think so. I’ll have you know that it is very physically demanding. More so than sports like golf but you don’t make fun of that do you? Rock, Paper, Scissors and Finger Jousting are not even the same thing. They cannot be compared. On top of that, the amount of ridicule put into one paragraph greatly downplays the professionalism of this website, and if its an amateur website, then I’m not surprised. It probably always will be. By ridiculing Finger Jousting in such a gross and offensive manner you have only made yourselves look bad.

Finger Jousting — Finger jousting actually requires some kind of physical activity as opposed to making a blog about it. If you really think your such a hardass then try and call these people idiots again. I don’t expect to see anymore blogs on finger jousting again unless they support every single aspect of it. Julian Gluck is the only person I know that could actually make something like this work.  

Finger Jousting doesn’t suck!!! — Finger Jousting is a tough sport. It requires physical and mental toughness that “pansies” like you don’t have. Maybe I’ll just challenge to a match and I’ll definitely poke you in the eye, and then say it suck, faggot!!!

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