You can’t play demolition derby in real life

When I was a kid, one of my favorite games at the local arcade (yes, they had these places back there where you could go with a pocketful of quarters and play video games!) was something called Demolition Derby. It was a four person game and there were four steering wheels. Your job was to ram the shit out of other cars until their radiators exploded. And I always thought it’d be cool as hell to play it in real life. Anyway, it turns out that three pitchers from the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (an independent pro team) thought so as well.

Anthony Varvaro and Terrance Kyle Parker were issued town summonses for disorderly conduct with a motor vehicle after they were spotted ramming their own vehicles in a parking lot. Steven Michael Richard, the third player who was in his room while the other two were ramming his car was charged with resisting or obstructing police.

According to team President Rob Zerjav, this isn’t the first time it’s happened and that players sometimes buy “old beaters” and play some demolition derby knowing they’re going to get rid of the cars after the season. It doesn’t sound like the three will be getting any team discipline. Hell, knowing the way baseball works, the PR staff will probably turn this into a promotion night.

By the way, in looking for the Demolition Derby game, I found this game where the object is to… wait for it… walk a dog.

[Post Crescent]: Three Wisconsin Timber Rattlers pitchers arrested in Grand Chute

[Wisonsin Timber Rattlers]: Official home page

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  1. Scrap | Jun 12, 2007 | Reply

    SBB headline — That was some awesome headline writing there.

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