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Odds and Ends: Cam Cameron sure knows how to sell a pick

Here’s video of Dolphins coach Cam Cameron addressing Miami fans and talking about the selection of Ted Ginn Jr with the ninth pick.

Note to Cam: when your fanbase desperately wants a QB to be the next Marino, it’s best not to tell them how the guy you just took with #9 is gonna be a great punt returner.

In other news…

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And finally, in the tradition of by Drew Bledsoe, comes Carl Pavano’s Blog. (We suspect it’s the same guy behind both sites.) “First, though, let me give all y’all what you want: a pitch-by-pitch recap of Dice-Gay’s first start against the mighty Yankees. Pitch 1: Shitty as balls. Pitch 2-108: See pitch one.” Who knew that Carl Pavano and Herbert Kornfeld were the same person. (Hat Tip: Our Book of Scrap)

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