Colorado State makes the news for all the wrong reasons

Some people say that all press is good press, but the athletic department over at Colorado State might disagree with you on that. First, there was the incident involving wide receiver George Hill and 4-year-old Caden Thomas over the weekend. The boy was on the sidelines during CSU’s spring youth football festival while an intrasquad game took place on the gridiron. In an attempt to catch a TD pass, Hill smashed into the kid and slammed him against the padded wall. To make a long story short; 30 stitches in the head later, lil’ Caden was sent home from the hospital.

It was kind of scary `cause I got bonked by the football,” the boy said, hugging his own football. “It kind of hurted.

Here’s video of Caden getting walloped.

Now, that’s a tough kid. Kellen Winslow Jr. would have been out of commission for six weeks after a hit like that.

But, hey, accidents happen; at least everything worked out for the little guy. Something that was avoidable and has the Colorado State community hiding their faces in disgust was the actions of Xavier Kilby. Kilby is accused of pointing a gun at the head of Ronnie Aguilar, a teammate on the basketball team, early Sunday morning. According to police, Kilby pulled out a revolver after the two argued inside of Kilby’s apartment. After pointing the gun at Aguilar’s head, Kilby aimed at the couch and fired off a single round.

Luckily, nobody was injured in either of the recent black-eye incidents for CSU. Now it they could just become capable of doing as much damage on the field as they do off of it, then the fans of the sports programs could actually having something to cheer about.


[]: Boy recovering after run-in with Colorado State football player
[MSNBC]: Police: CSU player pointed gun at teammate

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  1. WingNut123 | Apr 25, 2007 | Reply

    George Hill Saves Childs Life — I noticed a lack of credit to Hill on this. If you look closely, he did see the child, and although he was not able to avoid the crash, you’ll notice he twisted his body at the last moment, avoiding killing the child.  As a result of the twisting motion, he allowed himself to drive head-first into the wall, risking his own life.  His reflexes are so fast that he knew exactly what he was doing.

    George Hill is a HERO… nothing less.

  2. Clay | Apr 25, 2007 | Reply

    I don’t know about hero — The incident could have been a lot worse and Hill does deserve credit for doing his best to avoid the collision, but I wouldn’t call someone a hero for trying to avoid killing a kid. Isn’t that what anyone would do? Sure, he’s not a villain in this but he’s certainly no hero. If I accidentally lose control of my car but manage to avoid hitting another car does that make me a hero? If so, I guess Mike Waltrip deserves a medal or something.

  3. anonymous | Apr 29, 2007 | Reply

    colorado state u player saving child’s life —  In the interview on the tv show, no mention whatsoever was made of the fact that this was a four year old boy wandering in a dangerous area without either of his parents apparently knowing where he was or having physical custody of him.  If Hill had not made the valiant effort that he did to avoid injuring the child more than he was that child could have been killed or paralyzed. Would the parents have tried to sue the university? And what about the lifelong emotional and mental anguish Hill would have suffered? Does Colorado have child protection laws or are they only for “other people”.  I think his parents should be investigated for their neglectful conduct involving their child’s whereabouts and the question raised regarding any consumption of alcohol on the part of the parents.  I raised 3 children and when we were out at events they were at the end of my arm, holding on to my hand or sitting next to me. They were definitely not wandering aimlessly about without supervision. Shame on Thomas’ parents. Maybe next time you are not watching where he is he could be kidnapped.

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