Daunte Culpepper’s Madden cover curse will not take no for an answer

Most Madden cover lasts a year or so. Daunte Culpepper’s strain (2002 cover) is the first to make a reappearance after a few years off. For someone that arguably was the league MVP in 2004 if not for Peyton Manning, Culpepper’s career has just absolutely deteriorated in the past couple of years.

It wasn’t bad enough that he lost his starting job to Joey Harrington last year, this year he just might lose his job entirely — to Trent Green of all people. Rumors are swirling that the Dolphins will try to trade Culpepper but in all likelihood will release him to save $5.5M in base salary and cap money.

The Dolphins surely regret taking a chance on his surgically repaired knee last year (over Drew Brees and costing a 2nd round draft pick) and won’t take the chance that he’s not healthy going into training camp.

Don’t feel too bad for Daunte though, there’s always someone willing to take a chance on a veteran QB and we suspect that someone might be Al Davis.

[Miami Herald]: Another QB scramble for Dolphins

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  1. Flash12 | Apr 16, 2007 | Reply

    can’t we catch a break? — Daunte Culpepper mentoring Daunte Culpepper, Jr. This just gets better and better :(

    Hopefully, he’ll manage a couple eye-popping touchdowns to Randy Moss before he gets mangled behind our swiss cheese O-line.

  2. Vin | Apr 16, 2007 | Reply

    With the first selection in the 2007 NFL Draft — … the Raiders select Jeremy Ito, Kicker, Rutgers.

    Jamarcus Russell is a no brainer pick. I hope Al Davis takes Calvin Johnson though as best player available.

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