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And we thought Chris Leak was dumb

We didn’t think anyone could do worse than Chris Leak this year on his wonderlic test. (You have to be borderline retarded to get an 8 on the Wonderlic.) But somehow, 3 people have managed to… er…. beat him. David Irons (CB, Auburn), Bo Smith (S, Weber State) both scored a 4, and Earl Everett of Flordia scored a 5.

Here’s the rest of the bottom 10:

James Jones, WR, San Jose State: 9
Turk McBride, DT, Tennessee: 9
Julius Wilson, OT, UAB: 9
Brandon Mebane, DT, Cal: 10 (So which Cal student wrote his papers?)
Matt Trannon, WR, Michigan State: 10
Baraka Atkins, DE, Miamia: 11
Alonzo Coleman, RB, Hampton: 11

Ouch. That’s a list you don’t want to be on. The good news is that if you’re on that list, you can’t even read it.

Now, wonderlic scores are no indication of your football performance and ability (see Vince Young) but you have to feel sorry for these “student”-athletes. Can you imagine the negotiations between David Irons or Bo Smith and an agent?

Agent: So, the league is offering you $2M a year for 4 years. You got that? 2 and 4 is the deal. So that means you’ll get $2.4 MILLION if you play the entire 4 years.

Player: 2 point 4? Wooohooo! Someone told me I was only gonna get 4. Now i get a 2 in front of it? You’re the best agent ever.

Agent: Who loves you baby? By the way, I’m gonna take my 3% as we agreed so that means you only are gonna get $2.1M ok?

Player: Where do I sign?

Sad. By the way, we still haven’t been able to track down JaMarcus Russell’s wonderlic score. Something is rotten in Baton Rouge.

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5 replies on “And we thought Chris Leak was dumb”

Four!? — How can anybody score a freaking four on this thing? How can these guys even memorize their routes and plays when they can’t remember if October is the third, sixth, tenth or twelfth month?

It really boggles the mind. — I mean, Cal is a good school. How can you score a 10 on the wonderlic? I can understand those morons in Florida and Miami but Cal?

as a Cal grad I say… — No comment. C’mon, Cal is now an annual Rose Bowl contender. You think that’s possible without a little “creative” recruiting?

Camelias are a blooming in Baton Rouge — and Jamarcus scored a 24 on his Wonderlic. Which is better than Dan Marino (15), Jim Kelly (15), Terry Bradshaw (15), Mark Brunell (22), Trent Dilfer (22), Steve McNair (15), Donovan McNabb (14), Daunte Culpepper (18), Mike Vick (20), Tim Hasselbeck (23) amongst others.

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