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What are the perks of being a major metropolitan police officer in America today? Well, the pay is decent, they offer a good retirement plan, medical and dental are included, and as an officer you are free to pick and choose what you want to use as your own personal property from the evidence collected throughout your shift. What? That last one isn’t an actual benefit? Somebody might want to conduct a procedural seminar in St. Louis because the boys in blue are under a completely different impression.

Nine or ten different officers are being investigated by the St. Louis Police Department for allegedly using about 30 confiscated tickets to last year’s World Series after the tickets were taken out of the hands of scalpers on the streets. The tickets were dispersed amongst the officer’s family and friends before being returned to the evidence room for storage. The crafty coppers were able to pull off the ploy because Busch Stadium no longer tears patron’s tickets, but instead use a scanner to electronically read the tickets. The value of the tickets varied from $50 to $250 and the incident could get the crooked cops canned.

Exactly who is St. Louis employing to keep the streets safe? Our guess is that Lt. Jim Dangle played a role in all of this.


[]: Report: police used seized Series tix

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