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Tank Johnson gets 4 month prison sentence

Tank Johnson will be spending the next 60-120 days in jail despite Lovie Smith calling him a “good guy” who just made some bad decisions. We’re so sick of this “bad decisions” and “wrong place at the wrong time” stuff.

As a young kid, I grew up hard . . . I have made some mistakes in my life that are well-documented,” Johnson told Moran before being sentenced in a Skokie courtroom. But, he said, “I don’t believe I am a man who belongs in jail. I believe I deserve a chance to get it right.

You did get your second chance you dumbass. It was called probation. At some point, you have to not violate your probation by owning unregistered firearms. And you have to not get your bodyguard killed by going out to a club and getting into a fight.

Lovie also added that jail time would be “devastating” for Johnson’s playing career. Well isn’t that a shame. Because when normal criminals get sentenced to jail, it does wonders for their careers.

Don’t worry Bears fans, Tank’s incarceration won’t ruin the Bears chances next year — having Rex Grossman as your QB has already done that.

[Chicago Sun Times]: Bears’ star Johnson thrown in the tank
[MSNBC]: Bears’ Johnson sentenced to 4 months in jail

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