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Amani Toomer really chose poorly

Is that a urine stain?

What is it with the NY Giants and their wives? First, Michael Strahan’s wife insinuates that he’s gay, then Yoko Barber basically orders Tiki to retire and now Amani Toomer’s wife has turned out to be the most insane of all.

In their divorce/annulment proceedings, the dirty laundry of their marriage has been aired… and most of it doesn’t shine a very good light on Toomer’s wife, Yola Dabrowski. According to Toomer, Yola committed fraud when marrying him (and shouldn’t get a dime of his money) because she refused to change her name to Toomer, refuses to have a big family like they discussed — hell, refusing to even have one kid as she had 3 or 4 abortions without his knowledge or consent, won’t cook, clean or take medication for her depression, and most egregious of all, disrespected his manhood.

Meanwhile, Yola wants half and counterclaims that Toomer is “relentlessly demanding . . . insecure and paranoid” and charges him with “extreme cruelty”. She said that he once peed on her clothes because she wouldn’t have sex with him. She also said that he “forced her to put her chiropractic career on hold so she could spend two years decorating their $2 million West New York waterfront condo.”

Wow… that Toomer sounds like a terrible guy. He probably only gave her like $500,000 to decorate the $2M apartment! The peeing thing is a bit odd though. Anyway, it sounds like that Toomer wanted a traditional wife to look good on his arm and stay home and take care of house and kids while she wanted his money. We know Toomer didn’t get what he wanted, we’ll see if she does.

[Newsday]: Testimony delayed in Toomer divorce trial

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Get it Right — All you bloggers and journalists alike are following the leader. One person wrote a flawed article and the rest of you are just cutting and pasting lies! You should be ashamed of yourselves.

I know the Toomers and while I’m sure some truth exists in this mess, both Yola and Amani are good, kind and honorable people. They loved each other at one time (and I’m sure deep inside still do) and I can safely say that Yola was NOT after his money. I can also say that Amani is a fair guy and doesn’t like any drama. Divorce can be messy and divorce from a public figure is messier.

Why don’t you media people realize that what you hear isn’t necessarily true. Especially when it comes from attorney’s. Be responsible for crying out loud.

Leave Yola and Amani alone already.

blame the NY Post — I believe all the quotes are from court documents. So if Amani is so great (and I am actually siding with Amani on this one) why is he unfit to be a father in Yola’s mind? And how do you have 3 or 4 abortions and not tell your husband about it.

I’m not saying that she should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen but how do they discuss having kids and then all of the sudden she doesn’t want kids with him. That’s the old bait and switch in my book. These aren’t things I’m making up or a reporter is making up. These came straight from the horses’ mouths. Someone is lying.

Peeing = Drama — “Amani is a fair guy and doesn’t like any drama,”??  What do you call peeing on someone’s clothes?  The one thing you got right was that “divorce can be messy.”  It’s even messier when you’re divorcing the urinator.  

I would love ESPN — and Chris Berman again if he started calling him Amani “The Urinator” Toomer.  It’s actually the well dressed nickname that broke the camel’s back for me — i now hate Chris Berman’s shtick.

Amani chose poorly — To Ms. Dabrowski

I know you are going to read this because you have nothing better to do with your days than to read blogs about yourself. Ha! Ha! Ha! Everything blew up in your ugly flat wrinkled face! Yeah you got some money but nothing that will last you for the rest of your pitiful life! Jean Strahan you are not! Oh my! You’re going to have to get a job like most normal human beings! You are a lazy, worthless slut who deserves everything that is coming to you! I can’t imagine what your family and friends truly think of you. They probably have very little respect for you but smile in your face just to make you feel like you are not the pitiful woman that you know that you are! I saw you at a game once and I, along with my friends could not understand what Amani saw in you. You are a lanky mess with no fashion sense. Your face is also too round, flat and wrinkly. Please use some of your settlement for some botox injections. You need them desperately! I’m friends with a few Giants players and none of them liked you and questioned why Amani would be with a woman like you in the first place. I went to a game last season and saw his new girlfriend. She’s prettier than you. By the way, how are you a doctor? I heard you haven’t worked in years. Oh man, your friends and family must think you are such a fool! I won’t even touch the abortion subject. All I will say about that is that you are absolutely digusting! Good luck walking into your local church! You’re going to have to leave town because your name is so tarnished! Well best of luck to you! You’re going to need it!

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