Source: Eagles tell Stallworth to take a hike

A inside source tells us that the Eagles asked Donte Stallworth’s agent Drew Rosenhaus for premilinary numbers for their contract negotiation and Rosenhaus came back with “absurd numbers”. The Eagles have now told Rosenhaus that they are no longer interested in signing Stallworth and will move forward accordingly. While it has been rumored and speculated for the last couple of weeks that the Eagles would not resign Stallworth, it seems to now be (semi-)official.

Perhaps this is all posturing on both fronts but it doesn’t surprise us that the Eagles would not spend the big bucks on Stallworth. The latest figures indicate that the Eagles have $9M-$12M in cap room and with some finagling could get a few million more. However, the Eagles have made it clear that they think Hank Baskett could be a breakout WR next year and produce along the lines of Marques Colston in New Orleans. Eagles fans will eat Baskett and the front office alive if he doesn’t.

Stallworth has indicated that he would like to play for the Niners or the Patriots.

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  1. anonymous | Feb 27, 2007 | Reply

    Stallworth — If Stallworth and Rosenhaus think the Patriots are going to give them big money they are crazy. Next question.

  2. Vin | Feb 27, 2007 | Reply

    no but the Niners might — I think the Niners have the most room under the cap of all the teams.

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