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Iverson traded to the Nuggets

Iverson Nuggets jersey will be #1

Well folks, it’s done. Iverson has been traded to the Nuggets for Andrew Miller, the expiring contract of Joe Smith, and two No. 1 draft picks in the 2007 draft. By NBA rules, the name Joe Smith must always be preceded by “the expiring contract” so that people can understand why anyone would trade for him.

The Sixers get the Nuggets first rounder and the Dallas first rounder and it’s likely neither will be a lottery pick. However, with the way they’re playing, the Sixers will absolutely get a high lottery pick. Of course, the prize pick should he decide to come out would be Ohio State’s Greg Oden. The Sixers also get some cap relief in the next two years as Joe Smith and Chris Webber come off the books and they can focus on rebuilding.

The Nuggets, well, they get Allen Iverson to score 31 points per game while Carmelo Anthony is out for his 15 game suspension and hope that when Melo gets back, the two will mesh their #1 and #2 league scoring averages. George Karl must think he can control Iverson after speaking to his buddy Larry Brown.

Here’s some analysis of the deal from around the web:

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2 replies on “Iverson traded to the Nuggets”

miller is almost too good — Andre Miller should do well in the slower Eastern conference. He’ll be a decent set up guy for Webber and Korver. Cheeks will love him.

I can almost see the Sixers winning too many games and playing themselves out of the Oden sweepstakes…

Oden is a longshot — You know David Stern is going to rig the ping pong balls so NY gets Oden anyway!

A team with Andre Miller, Igoudala, Webber, Dalembert and Willie Green sounds horrible to me. I wonder if Miller will be here in time for tonight’s game. Iverson’s agent has already said that he won’t be there for the Suns-Nuggets game. Way to start off on the right foot there.

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