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Chris Webber wants out of Philly

According to the Sacramento Bee (way to get the scoop Philly newspapers…), Chris Webber wants to be traded since his new offensive role this year involves sitting during 4th quarters of tight games.

I’m not going to keep playing like this,” Webber told the Bee after scoring six points in 23 minutes Wednesday as the Sixers beat Seattle, 96-90. “I don’t like this role. So you can take that however you want.

So basically, one of the two untradable players under Billy King’s stewardship wants to be traded. Webber is slated to make $20.7M this season and $22.3M next year.

But wait… this is the NBA so that means by the trade deadline in February, he will be tradable because GMs will be willing to take on $30M of salary because Webber goes off the books after the 2007-2008 season. The NBA salary cap rules are almost as silly as Major League Baseball’s lack of a salary cap. Then of course, there’s always the the retarded GM willing to sign huge stiffs to long term contracts. (Hello Chris Mullin, Isiah Thomas, Danny Ainge, Kiki Vandeweghe…etc…etc…)

[Sacramento Bee]: With a reduced role, Webber wants trade

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