Lions coach charged with nude driving

These days, a coach getting arrested for drinking and driving is pretty commonplace. They should just start putting it at the bottom of boxscores. But Lions assistant coach Joe Cullen decided to raise the bar a little and got arrested on August 24 for “driving on the street without any clothese on. (NUDE).” Thank god the police officer clarified that one for us. Curiously, there was no citation for being drunk, just nude.

A week later, Cullen was arrested for DUI with a BAC of .12. Now, a .12 is just a regular night out for some folks and hardly drunk enough to go around driving naked so it’s possible Cullen was at Eddie Sutton levels of drunkeness when he was driving naked. But since the police officer didn’t charge him with drunk driving for that incident, we have to wonder if whether Cullen just likes driving in the nude, which is more offensive to us than a .12 BAC.

It seems Joe Cullen has a bit of an alcohol problem as he was arrested for public drunkeness in a restaurant in Mississippi in 2005 and was fired from Ole Miss.


[Detroit Free Press]: Lions assistant coach arrested for nude, drunken driving
[Detroit Lions Site]: No mention of Nude Driving as a hobby

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