What Materazzi said to Zidane

According to a lip-reader, Materazzi said to Zidane, “We all know you are the son of a terrorist whore“. Zidane’s mother is very ill and was admitted to a hospital on Sunday.

A French Football Federation source said: “If you insult Zidane’s mother you are asking for trouble. Combine such words with a reference to terrorism, which French Algerians are very sensitive about, and a violent reaction might appear inevitable.

Prior to the terrorist whore comment, Materazzi had twisted Zidane’s nipple and said that he twisted it hard because “I know that’s how your mother likes it.”

Holy crap. I think Joey Porter laid down the rules of trash talking during the Super Bowl. You never talk about someone’s mother and you never talk about someone’s grandmother. Outside of that, it’s all fair game. Apparently, the rules only apply in the United States.

For some reason, Zidane’s reaction doesn’t seem so insane in light of those allegations. Materazzi has denied saying anything about being a terrorist and instead insulted Zidane’s wife.

[Sun UK]: Sick taunt that riled ZZ

[ESPN Soccernet]: Materazzi admits he insulted Zidane before head butt

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Materazzi — What language do you think he taunted Zidane in?  Italian? Does Zidane speak Italian?  Maybe Materazzi speaks French?  Esperanto?  Or is English the international language of insulting one’s mother?  (I would have assumed that was Italian)

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