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The Sixers might have a PR nightmare on its hands; that is, if anyone cared about the Sixers. To cap off a disappointing season, both record and attendance wise, Allen Iverson and Chris Webber sat out last night’s game with “injuries”, which happened to be Fan Appreciation Night.

Compounding the problem, both showed up late to the game and didn’t sit on the bench. The sole reason anyone goes to a Sixers game is to watch AI play. Announcer after announcer talks about the toughness of AI and how he’s such a gamer. The least Mo Cheeks, Billy King, and Iverson could have done was put Iverson in there for 5 minutes.

A video clip of Allen Iverson urging fans to enjoy the game was booed. This is probably the first time that AI personally has been booed at the Wachovia Center. Despite the Sixers terrible seasons since the NBA Finals in 2001, Iverson has been pretty much beyond reproach. And now he gets booed in perhaps his final game as a Sixer.

Billy King (who shouldn’t even have a job) displayed some ersatz anger and promised the situation would be dealt with. What exactly is Billy King going to do to his meal ticket? He is the one who keeps building the team around Iverson and who traded for Chris Webber. In the end, this story will just fade away and the Sixers can quietly build another sub-.500 team next season. Fan appreciation indeed.

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what a difference — I was at the last Penguins home game of the season Monday night and, despite a 22-59 (including ot/shootout losses), there was a standing room only sellout. It got downright surreal when the crowd celebrated Sidney Crosby’s 100th point of the season with a towel waving, 10 minute standing ovation that would rival any playoff game. Sure, a few people were probably there for the free schwag the team was giving away, but most (my family included)continue to blindly support this team. A local columnist wrote that it’s like supporting a 118 loss baseball team or a 3-13 football team. I call it Kicked Dog Syndrome.

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