Philadelphia 76ers

The long suffering Philly fans

It wasn’t like Philly fans were counting on the Sixers to deliver the parade down Broad Street but being ousted from the playoffs means yet another season without a Philly championship. That’s 23 years without a championship, folks.

The Flyers are the last of the 2005 teams to be in contention but anyone who has watched Flyers hockey this year or even in the past two decades knows their propensity for coming up small in the playoffs. (Blowing a 3-1 lead in the ECF against New Jersey comes to mind.)

Of all the cities with four big league franchises, Philadelphia has the longest drought, with the last one being the 1983 Sixers. Only Cleveland, with 3 major teams, comes close with a 35 year championship drought. There are single teams (Yankees, Celtics, Canadiens) haven’t gone that long without winning a title.

And you wonder why Philly fans are so surly.

[]: Philly’s sports drought unprecedented?

By Vin

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